Broadley's Corner Shop

Below is a list of all the products we have available for you to order.

Orders need to be placed BEFORE 1pm on: 

-Saturday ready for collection/delivery on Tuesday.

-Tuesday ready for collection/delivery on Thursday.

-Thursday ready for collection/delivery on Saturday.

We will call you when the order has arrived to us to take payment over the phone and discuss timing collection/delivery.

Please email your order to:

£5 delivery charge or free delivery on orders over £50 within a 2 mile radius.

We are adding £1 to every total order placed to donate to Airedale NHS Hospital, please let us know if you wish to opt out of donating.

(All items are subject to availability from our supplier and may not be available, prices fluctuate in line with market price)


Large White Bloomer £2.50

Long White Sourdough £3.30    

Large Granary Bloomer £2.50

Fruit Scone £0.95 each

Cherry & Ginger Scone £0.95 each

White Sliced Bread £1.50 loaf

Brown Sliced Bread £1.50 loaf

Crumpets £1.50 6 pack


Full Fat Milk £1.50 2 litre

Semi Skim Milk £1.50 2 litre

Skimmed Milk £1.50 2 litre

Salted Butter £1.95 250g

Tray of 30 medium free range eggs £5.95

Coastal Mature Cheddar 1kg block £8.50


Green Beans £1.00 (100g)

Tenderstem Broccoli £1.50

Onion £0.50 each

Butternut Squash £1.95 each

Carrots £1.50 (1kilo)

Red Peppers £1.00 each

Baby Leaf Spinach £1.50 (bag)

Baby Gem Lettuce £1.30 (pack of 2)

Chilli £1.00 (mix bag of red & green)

Leeks £1.00 each

Celery £1.20 (bunch)

New Potatoes £1.50 (kilo)

Washed Red Potatoes £1.50 (kilo)

Sweet Potato £1.00 each

Bulb of Garlic £0.50 each


Gluten Free

G/Free Plain Flour £2.95 (1kilo)

G/Free SR Flour £2.95  (1kilo)

Homemade Frozen Meals

Fish Pie (gf) £10

Beef Lasagne £9.50

Moroccan Tagine (ve) £8.50

Shepherd's Pie £9.50


Back Bacon £1.70 250g

Chicken Breast £32.50 box of approx 23 (boxed on weight)

8oz Rib Eye Steaks £12.00 pack of 2 

Stewing Steak 1kg £7.50

Chicken Supremes £9.90 pack of 5

Pork Sausage £6.50 kilo pack 

10oz Gammon Steak £4.00 Pack of 2 

Topside of Beef £9.95 kilo

Sirloin of Beef £19.95 kilo

Whole Fillet of Beef £30 kilo (approx 2.3 kilo)



Haddock Fillet £3.95 each 170-200g

Smoked Haddock £3.50 each 130-160g

Salmon Fillet £3.95 each 130-160g

Smoked Mackerel Fillet £2.50

Large King Prawns (frozen) £14 bag 800g 



Granny Smith Apple £0.50 each

Lemon £0.50 each

Cucumber £1.00

Cherry Tomatoes £1.50 (250g Punnet)

Banana £0.50

Oranges £0.50 each

Grapes £2.50 per bag

Limes £0.50 each

Avocado £1.50 each 

Satsumas £3.50 for 8.

Dried Goods

Plain Flour £1.95 (1kg tub)

SR Flour £1.95 (1kg tub)

Strong ’00’ Plain Flour £2.20 (1kilo)

Heinz Tomato Ketchup £2.50

Orzo Pasta £1.50 (500g)

Macaroni Elbows Pasta £8.50 (3kilo Bag)

Macaroni Elbows Pasta £1.50 (500g tub)

Risotto Rice £4.00 (1kilo Bag)

Coconut Milk Tin £1.50 (400g)

Coconut Milk Carton £2.40 (1ltr)

Soya Milk Carton £2.00 (1 ltr)

Almond Milk Carton £2.40 (1 ltr)

Tinned Chopped Tomato £3.50 (2.5kilo Tin)

Pomace Oil BULK £20 (5 litre)