Fixed Price Menu

Monday - Thursday 12-3 and 5-9pm

2 Courses £14.95


-Tagliatelle: Smoked Cod, Bacon & Leek Tagliatelle, Crispy Poached Egg

-Soup: Today's Choice, Granary Bread & Salted Butter (v)(gfo)

-Garlic Toast: Confit Garlic & Gruyère Toast (v)

-Parfait: Chicken Liver Parfait, Toasted Bloomer, Tomato & Rosemary Chutney


-Chicken Pie: Chicken, Pancetta & Tarragon Filo Pie (gfo)

-Linguine: Basil, Pesto, Parmesan & Toasted Pine Nuts (v)

-Aubergine: Moroccan Spiced Chickpea & Cous Cous Tagine (ve)

-Haddock: Simply Grilled Haddock, Buckwheat & Green Bean Warm Salad, Lemon & Mint Yoghurt


-Passion Fruit: Vanilla Panna Cotta, Passion Fruit, Mango Puree, Shortbread (gfo)

-Tart: Chocolate Tart, Pistachio Cream, Hazelnut Praline (gf)

-Sorbet: Raspberry & Sorrel Sorbet, Mixed Berries (gf)(ve)

(v) Vegetarian    (gf) Gluten Free   (a) Alcohol   (ve) Vegan   (gfo) Gluten Free Option     (veo) Vegan Option


We offer gluten free alternatives & allergen information, please ask a member of staff for details. We can adapt dishes to become vegan or gluten free.